What Are The Characteristics Of Well-Written Web Content?

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Search engines are getting smarter by the day as their algorithms become increasingly sophisticated to provide valuable results for the searchers. This is one of the reasons why people opt for content writing services from a content agency because writing content has become tougher. But if you want to take a chance and write web content yourself, then there are some characteristics that your web content should include. Here are some of the main ones you should be aware of. 

Clear Goal 

A well-written piece isn’t aimless and it is always specific about the intent. Do you want to talk about how your product will solve a particular problem? Do you want to inform people how it can be used in multiple applications? When you are specifying your goal, think about why you are writing, who the audience is, and what you want to achieve. Good content has a specified goal. 

Offers Value 

Outstanding content offers value to its readers and this is the reason why people are interested in reading it. The content you write should offer something to the reader. That is, you should address a pain point of your potential customers. For example, many dog owners have trouble getting the right comb for their dogs. You can write content that explains which comb is best for different dog coats. The idea is to offer value so your reader can gain some knowledge. 

Piques Interest 

Awesome content piques the interest of readers which is why random content ideas are risky. When writing content, you should do thorough research on your part so you can contribute to the trending topics. You can try to make a link with trending topics and what you want to convey through your content. Don’t be shy to get creative without going off-topic. You want to write relatable content so your readers connect with you. 


High-quality content will answer questions its readers may have. For example, if you are selling organic products then your readers will have questions about how safe it is and how it can be stored. You want to answer as many questions as possible so your readers know you have expertise in that area. Content that answers questions is highly appreciated by readers. 


You want to optimize your website because it takes 3 seconds for a website visitor to determine whether he wants to stay or leave. You want to improve your website load time and ensure your website isn’t loaded with things that will slow it down. You should include calls to action to make your website user-friendly. You should ensure you post fresh and unique content regularly. 


The content you write should be specific and should align with your goals. While you might think writing about a certain topic is great, if it doesn’t align with your goals then it is a waste. You should pick a topic that is relevant so people will be interested in reading it. You should consider your competitors, keywords, target audience, and analytics before you begin to write your content. 


If you are unable to connect to your readers, then the content is not up to the mark. Fantastic content is all about connecting to readers at different levels. This can get tricky but if you think about it, it is possible. For instance, you can talk about a particular pain point in your life and how you overcame it. You can talk about a personal story that had a profound impact on you. Don’t be afraid to share your life with others. 


When you are writing an opinion piece then it is important that you include statistics to make it more engaging. It will make your writing more authoritative if you include credible sources where you got your information from. You can consider fact posts as these are convenient and enable your readers to digest information quickly and efficiently. Your readers will trust you more if you include information from reliable sources. 


Content is nothing without promotion because if you have content sitting idle without anyone reading it, then it is not doing what it was intended to do. Outreach can help and you can even connect with different influencers in your niche. Consider email marketing or opting for sponsored campaigns on social media. This can help you get more attention from your potential customers.   

Address Objections 

People are skeptical about trying new things. This is why even if you are selling something that is completely unique, people will still have objections and might not see your products as a good fit. Good content addresses those objections by clearly and concisely stating potential objections along with showing how the product can be of utmost value. Writing pages and pages of content is not the answer, but showing readers that your product is of value and use is important. 

Mobile Optimization 

You don’t want to ignore optimizing for mobile because most users are going to access your website from their mobile phones. And if your website and content isn’t up to par then they won’t take you seriously. A study from Econsultancy shows that over 60% of businesses that optimized for mobile had better sales.

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